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About the company

Macdonald Bricks, a subsidiary of Radar Holdings Limited is one of Zimbabwe's most trusted manufacturers and suppliers of quality clay bricks and pavers.

We are a Zimbabwe based manufacturer that has been in existence since 1949 and we manufacture and supply bricks and pavers for a varied range of uses. From industrial, building and construction and paving applications, our all weather plant produces millions of bricks each year to meet growing demand not only in Zimbabwe, but also Sub Saharan Africa.

As a SAZ and Claybrick Association accredited manufacturer, we subscribe to the highest quality standards in all our manufacturing processes and seek to minimise carbon emissions building sustainable plants that are built with the environment in mind.

Our Core Business

Brick Manufacturer

The Plant

We operate two production plants with a combined production capacity of 103 million bricks per year. Our plants make use of modern sustainability and technology systems to streamline production, minimise error and reduce emissions 

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The Process

The production process employed at the Willsgrove plant is tailor-made to produce fired clay bricks and pavers. It starts with clay as the principle raw material extracted from an onsite quarry. Production is streamlined and mechanised for increased production.

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The Product

Our bricks are a trusted product built for both strength and aesthetics. They can be seen across a number of successful projects across Zimbabwe. Monthly compressive strength tests are carried out with in-process quality control tests being carried out by a Lab Technician.

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Planning a large scale construction project?

We support commercial projects and offer client specific options to meet your needs and help ensure their success. Speak to our commercial projects team and get direct assistance and advice.

Brick supply

Some of our notable client projects


NUST University Complex

Main supplier of all bricks used in building the main university campus.

NUST University Student Accommodation

Bulawayo Students Accommodation Complex

Currently in progress. Macdonald Bricks continues to supply bricks to complete this massive project.


Harvest House International Church

Currently under construction, the complex is now in it's advanced stages and is built with Macdonald Bricks.


New Government Complex Harare

with it's modern architecture and red brick finish, the complex was completed using our bricks to achieve it's current appearance.

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