The Plant

Montgomery Plant

The Montgomery plant has been in operation from the current location since 1976. The plant is built differently from the Willsgrove plant and uses tunnel kilns. The plant can produce up to a hundred and forty four thousand bricks daily and has a trusted record of quality production. It is also conveniently located on Harare Road which is easy to access from any number of places with current and on-going housing developments making it easier for home-owners. 

Willsgrove Plant

The new Willsgrove Plant utilises lean and clean brick manufacturing technologies in the production of high quality, high strength clay bricks. The brick extrusion process incorporates a state-of-the-art robotic packer capable of packing up to 25,000 bricks/hour while the brick firing process uses hybrid Hoffman kilns and a drier which effectively filters out toxic emissions from the coal-fired kiln exhaust gases releasing largely moisture into the atmosphere; this is in line with organisational efforts towards environmentally-sustainable manufacturing.

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