Large Scale Projects

We provide high quality bricks suitable for industrial scale construction. This has included projects like shopping complexes, gated communities and churches. We pride ourselves on ensuring that we deliver within the shortest possible timeframe to keep our clients on schedule.

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Small scale projects

We are a reliable partner for smaller scale projects where we provide high quality bricks for individuals constructing homes, renovating and other residential projects

Large scale projects

Because we understand the constraints that can hinder the completion and success of large scale projects, we have a system that allows our large scale project customers that extra opportunity at success. Consistent long term, dedicated supply of quality bricks is our speciality and when you engage us at that level, we are always happy to assist you meet your targets and timelines.

Speak to our team right at the outset and we will gladly structure a plan and allocate resources towards your success.

Start your project with our quality bricks today!

Let us know what you need, we are here to assist you.

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